Grief and Loss Counseling

I have worked for many years with individuals from widely diverse backgrounds, on a core issue that binds us all as humans: the loss of those we love. Whether the loss occurs through a death, the end of a relationship, or some other form of separation, the grieving process impacts each of us in some remarkably similar ways. But it is also unique to the individuals involved, and understanding the particulars of your loss is important.

With time, most people will work through the various stages of grief, and adjust to their new life. But that process always involves heartache, and having the support of a bereavement professional can make the adjustment process feel easier.

When working with me, you can expect to:

- tell your story and have every detail heard
- have your feelings understood, validated and honored
- ask questions and receive guidance about what is "normal" during the grieving process
- develop greater understanding about any complicated feelings you may have towards your loved one(s)
- find ways to comfort yourself and to connect to others during this difficult time
- recognize any automatic (unconscious) thinking patterns that may be interfering with your grieving process
- identify your needs and some practical actions to meet them that will further your healing
- develop skills to manage and tolerate the painful feelings, without becoming overwhelmed by them
- learn new skills to cope with the ongoing realities of your loss
- eventually, return to functioning in your daily activities, with a sense of peace in your "new normal"

It doesn't have to be this hard. A skilled therapist can walk the journey with you, and lighten your load.


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