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I specialize in working with individuals and couples who have endured a loss in life. Loss is present in the death of a family member or beloved pet, the end of a relationship, the onset of chronic illness, coming out as LGBT, a troubled (or lacking) sex life, a breakdown in communication within a partnership, changing careers, finishing school or being laid off from a job. Even aging or a change in our physical appearance, such as weight gain, can create feelings of grief.

I work from the assumption that you are the ultimate expert on your life, not me, and that you just need some support during a time of transition, or some help getting "un-stuck" from a pattern that isn't serving you anymore. I won't judge you, or tell you what choices to make, and I don't assume there is something "wrong" with you. (In fact, I think that seeking personal therapy is one of the healthiest, most self-affirming choices you can make!)
I also won't stare blankly in a way that makes you squirm, with an occasional "Mmm hmmm" before announcing, "I'm afraid our time is up for this week."

Here's what I will do: I 
will listen empathically, ask questions to elicit your truth, and share what I've learned about human behavior through my education and many years of working with people. I will guide you to figure out what might be "in the way" of you having the life you want, and then we'll work together to figure out how to change what isn't working. For those with past trauma, or for individuals who are suffering with anxiety or phobias, I offer EMDR, which is an effective and generally short term treatment specifically designed for these issues.

My style is warm, compassionate and highly interactive. I see my work as first and foremost connecting with you as another human being trying to survive in this demanding world. I provide a supportive environment that encourages self exploration, as well as offering new ways to think about personal challenges, suggestions for alternative actions, and gentle probing into places where you may be holding yourself back from your full potential. I trust that people are doing the best they can at any given time, and that even behaviors that no longer serve us have a positive intent behind them.

My office is located on the border of the Mission and Bernal Heights neighborhoods of San Francisco, with ample, free parking and access by public transportation. I sometimes work with a small therapy dog, and my San Francisco office is dog friendly, so you are welcome to bring your canine companion with you at that location.

Please call or email for a no-cost consultation, to see if we're a "good fit."



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