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If you are looking for a therapist, chances are you are seeking ways to alleviate some discomfort in your life. You might be reeling from the end of a relationship, grieving the death of a loved one, or trying to figure out if the relationship you're in is actually right for you. Perhaps you are overwhelmed with stress from your job, feeling anxious about your future, or having concerns about your use of alcohol or other drugs. Or maybe you find that you're extremely hard on yourself, plagued with negative feelings, and cannot seem to turn off the harsh critic inside your head.

Therapy can help with all of these issues.

As a clinician, I work from some basic beliefs:

  • people are doing the best they can at any given time
  • even behaviors that don't serve us almost always have a positive intention behind them, and have arisen in response to previous life events
  • patterns are learned, and can be unlearned
  • you are the ultimate expert on your life, not me
  • you already possess the inner wisdom you need; my job is to help you access that wisdom to make the changes you desire
Throughout human evolution, our brains have become "wired" to function optimally when we are in nurturing relationships with others where we feel safe and understood. This is the kind of relationship that is created by a skilled therapist. To that end, I won't judge you or tell you what choices are best for you, and I won't assume there is something "wrong" with you. I also won't stare blankly in a way that makes you squirm, with an occasional "Mmm hmmm," before announcing, "I'm afraid our time is up for this week."  

Here's what I will do: I will listen carefully, and ask questions to elicit your truth. I will share what I've learned about human psychology and behavior through my education, training and experience. I will guide you to figure out what might be "in the way" of you having the life you want, and then we'll work together to figure out what you need to do in order to bring about that change.

My style is warm, compassionate and highly interactive. I see my work as first and foremost connecting with you as another human being trying to survive in this demanding world. I provide a supportive environment that encourages self exploration, as well as offering new ways to think about personal challenges, concrete suggestions for alternative actions, and gentle probing into places where you may be holding yourself back from your full potential. 

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